Dobbin Consulting Inc.

We are a boutique land planning firm offering real estate and development services to developers and land owners in Western Canada.

Consulting services available for land assessments, redesignation (rezoning), development management, greenfield development, an dpublic engagement.


Dobbin Consulting works with our clients on planning and development matters with municipalities throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Our specialties are real estate and development, development assessment, redesignations (rezoning), public engagement, and neighbourhood planning. If you are seeking to develop or intensify your land, we’re here to help with assessment and the processes involved.

group of people looking at landscape and architectural drawings


We conduct responsive, collaborative, well documented engagement aligned with the requirements of your municipality.

Persuasive, engaging materials are developed for engagement needs that make information about your development accessable and clearly understood by the public (examples below, click to open PDFs): 

infographic of heritage building asset inventory map and statistics
infographic of statistical information about proposed building


Customized solutions for your land development needs.

With over 30 years in land planning and construction experience, our team can assist you with your land assessment, planning, public engagement and application management at municipal and provincial levels.

group of people looking at landscape and architectural drawings

Land Planning

  • Re-zoning / Redesigation
  • Development Permits
  • Neighborhood Concept Plans
  • Change of Use 
  • Heritage loss offset
  • Land swap / City lands
  • Appeals
    two pages of infographics on proposed building used for public engagement

    Public Engagement

    • Engagement plans
    • Flyers and infographics
    • Open houses
    • Online engagement websites
    • Direct mail design and management
    artists drawing of streetscape in Kensington Sunnyside calgary

    Development Management

    • Project planning and scheduling
    • Design policy alignment
    • Multi-project coordination
    • Contractor management
    • Site visits
    • Documentation and compliance
    • Quality control and materials confirmations

    Our Team

    With over 20 years of experience in construction and development, our team brings insight and knowledge to your project.

    Jennifer Dobbin profile image standing in front of brick wall

    “I always have
    difficulty describing myself, because the sort of things that I do are unlikely enough that putting them together is credibility reducing.”

    ~ Nathan Myhrvold,
    The Creative Brain, Netflix


    Planner, Founder

    Jennifer has a talent for distilling complex planning issues down to human-level communications and interactions. With a collaborative approach to public engagement, she seeks to create and document alignment of stakeholder concerns and developer responses to find a balance of ‘give and take’.

    With over two decades of experience in home-building (operating as Jen Mar Homes Ltd.) and commercial land planning, Jennifer’s many successes reflect her depth of experience in the development industry.



    Elle Bruce is the newest member of Dobbin Consulting Inc and brings a diverse set of experiences; boots-on-the-ground trade work, independent contracting, project management, planning and development. Meticulous and detail-oriented she brings a passion for quality, sustainability and community with a belief that strong relationships and open communication are the basis of success in any endeavor.

    Elle will approach your project with genuine passion and excitement and is looking forward to working with you!


    Our Methodologies Matrix explains the steps in land planning and applications including: Research, Strategy & Planning, Pre-Application Engagment & Municipal Meetings, Application, and Wind-up.  (We note that this copy of the Methodlogies Matrix is specific to the municipality of the City of Calgary.)


    In the City of Calgary, the process to redevelop a parcel of land may begin with a Land Use Application (LOC) and then proceed to a Development Permit (DP).

    Learn about the planning process in this animated video and access teaching materials and transcripts here.


    You can find us on Instagram @DobbinConsulting