The Station

A new Complete Community in Fort St. John

The Station is a new community proposed for the southwestern portion of the City of Fort St. John. The Station seeks to align with the vision and goals for efficient growth management in the City. A Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to the city for an OCP Amendment and includes details on land uses, transportation and mobility, infrastructure and servicing, and implementation considerations.

The Station plan addresses both short and long-term objectives for the City including flexible housing options that can accommodate market demands and a portion of forecast growth. This website provides general information on housing and commercial areas proposed for the development.

The Station is located in the southwest portion of the City and is bound by:

  • The future extension of 85 Avenue to the north (also known as Equestrian Avenue);
  • Northern Lights Drive (72 Street) to the east;
  • The future extension of Stampede Road to the south;
  • Alaska Road North and the Alaska Highway (Highway 97) to the south-west;
  • Phase I of The Station’s Master Planned Community to the northwest.

Fort St. John, Planning for the Future

The City of Fort St. John’s Official Community Plan (OCP) is the primary planning document describes future growth patterns including greenfield development.

The Station development location is identified as one of the City’s Urban Development Areas (Area 7) with existing residential and commercial developments surrounding the site. This developed context makes The Station a logical extension of the existing pattern of development for the City.

The Station development aligns with City OCP policies regarding the development of vacant sites to comprise a combination of residential, commercial, institutional and park areas, appropriate density, and complete communities, which is part of balancing growth with other areas where infill or intensification policies are appropriate.

Further, The Station is in an area where services exist on several boundaries and the developer is contributing to the City’s financial sustainability by meeting the cost requirements the City has in place for servicing through a phased implementation approach over time.

OCP Themes

The Official Community Plan (OCP) identifies five overarching themes:

  • To provide a quality of life rooted in an active lifestyle, achieved by access to parks, trails and natural areas, and recreational, artistic and cultural facilities.
  • Respond to the increasing age and ethnic diversity in the City with multi-generational recreational programs and facilities, more cultural spaces, improved communications for different groups, different retail forms and greater educational opportunities.
  • Ensuring a range and diversity of economic opportunities are available for citizens.
  • Encourage environmental stability by connecting citizens with the natural environment and seek to balance development with environmental conservation.
  • Improve the mix of uses in the City, including mixed uses and residential housing types, architectural stylings and greenspaces that balanced equally with each other in new and existing neighbourhoods.

Alignment with Growth Strategy

The Station is being developed in response to market indicators that FSJ will continue to grow, particularly in response to energy projects in the surrounding area.

The Station aligns with many of the 50 Year Growth Study forecast requirements including:

The Station is proposing a high-density development for a parcel of land on the southwest area of Fort St. John adjacent to existing development and the Alaska Highway. The development proposes an efficient use of land, services, and transportation to achieve a significant portion of the City’s growth needs for the next 30 years (representing the estimated build-out timeline for the site).

Land Needs

Develops 63.7 hectares, representing 19.1% of the land required for residential, institutional, and commercial growth needed in the Growth Strategy under the Medium Growth scenario.

New Housing

Creates up to 3,390 dwellings, representing 17.75% of the forecast dwellings needed under the Medium Growth scenario of the Growth Strategy. Proposes to house up to 8,800  residents once fully developed.


New School

The neighbourhood concept plan includes an area reserved for a new school to be build to service the community and surrounding, existing neighbourhoods to meet future demands for education services in the area.

Nature Area

The neighbourhood concept plans also includes a new nature area for recreational community use with nature trails and a water area the remediates and improves the existing small pond on the parcel.

Affordable Housing

Provides a significant increase in affordable housing development through mobile homes, secondary and detached suites, and multi-family developments.

Complete Community

Provides a balance of typographies that includes commercial, institutional, multi-family, and
single-family areas within the new community with transportation connections to all areas.



Tying into the existing utilties, infrastructure, and road networks creates an integrated and sustainable community that improves connectivity and water management in the area.

Efficiency and Density

Utilizes higher density typographies to efficiently house residents in a compact, connected build form that averages
53 units per hectare
(more than 2x denser than the FSJ average of 23 units per hectare).

Proposed OCP Designations

The Station concept map (right) shows a variety of proposed residential land uses to offer diversity of housing choices and create an inclusive complete communitu.

This mix of land designations will allow for building single detached homes, duplexes, townhouses, secondary suites, detached suites, and multi-family apartments in the residential areas. This variety is intended to meet current and future needs of the City with unique building forms, affordable housing, and increased supply of cost effective moveable homes (factory built).

The Station also includes areas designated for a new school and a nature area that remediates and improves the existing small water area on the parcel.

Residential areas will be developed in phases that are comprehensively planned with an integrated mobility network.

Community design will integrate winter design policies and solar orientation to maximize sun exposure and natural snow melt.

Estimated Population

The potential residential population provided by The Station has been estimated by applying the average Fort St. John residential occupancy rate fo 2.5 residents per unit from the Growth Report to the estimated units by density in each of the OCP designations on the parcel.

With an estimated 8,877 units, The Station is proposing housing for approximately 18% of the 2049 population growth under the Medium Growth scenario in the Fort St. John 50 Year Growth Strategy Forecast.


We would like your feedback on this proposed community.
All feedback will be copied to our file planner with the City of Fort St. John.

Applicant (Planning Consultant) 
Jennifer Dobbin, Consultant
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City of Fort St. John
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