The Theatre

101 – 215 14 Ave SW

Amendment to Direct Control to add a
Performing Arts Centre Use to the Bylaw


Calgary Planning Commission (CPC): May 9
Council Public Hearing: June 4

(both dates are subject to change)

Amendment to Direct Control Bylaw to add a Performing Arts Centre Use

Current Zoning: Direct Control (DC) Bylaw 114D2016

About the Site:

The Theatre is located in the main floor of a beltline 9-storey residential tower. This creative repurposing of the original pool area for the building into a commercial bay is an adaptive reuse of a residential common area amenity.

This 70-seat theatre has been developed within the building by The Centre for Artistic Development and is publicly referred to as The Theatre, one of Canada’s first independently owned and privately funded theatres. 

Proposed Use

To use the space for The Theatre, an additional Use is required to be added to the existing Direct Control Bylaw that governs this parcel. The proposed use to be added and bylaw description is shown below:

Welcome to The Theatre!


This parcel of land is identified and governed by several development policies:

  • Within the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan: Part 1 (ARP), the site is identified as being within the policy areas of: Primarily Residential, and At-Grade Residential (requiring new developments to have at-grade residential units with primary access at grade, and non-residential uses to be located within the first two-storeys and situated at street frontages).
  • Within the Municipal Development Plan the area is identified as within the Centre City area and Greater Downtown Plan policy areas that encourage economic vitality and innovation, opportunity and choice, and other visioning principles. The Plan notes, in part, the importance of diversity, culture, art and history in the area (excerpt to the right).

Public Engagement

This application is estimated to be a “1B” engagement rating on the Outreach Assessment Matrix from the City of Calgary requiring 2-3 outreach tools.

This application is utilizing five Outreach Tools & Tactics that include:

    • Open House – Wednesday, December 7th 
      6-8 pm, at The Theatre, 101-215 14 Ave SW
    • Website for online engagement –
    • Email feedback form (below)
    • Direct contact email and phone provided (bottom of page)
    • Direct posting of printed materials (neighbour parcels highlighted on the map to the left))


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Your Feedback

We remain open to feedback throughout the application process and will provide your concerns and comments to the file manager, or you may contact them directly.

The Applicant

Dobbin Consulting Inc.

City of Calgary

Gareth Webster
Senior Planner, Greater Downtown team
Planning & Development Services
Cell (587) 576 4324 

Please reference file #: LOC2024-0392