Planning Portfolio

96 Unit DC Guideline & Heritage Loss Offset

Memorial Drive NW in Hillhurst
Developed by Anthem Properties: 
Aspen & Bow

This Direct Control (DC) Guideline involved development of a heritage assessment matrix and heritage value exchange negotiation with the Community and City of Calgary over a two year engagement and participation in the HSCA Multi-stakeholder Task Force on Developer Engagement. The outcome was a successful rezoning based on M-C2 that saw the registration of two commercial buildings in Kensington as Municipal Heritage Buildings: the Smith (Cuzzubbo) Residence & Arnell Block.

75+ Unit Mixed-Use DC Guideline in Hillhurst

The Carpenter’s Hall Assembly
Developed by Bucci: The Kensington

This Direct Control (DC) Guideline was completed in May 2013. This rezoning paved the way for development of the properties at the maximum height and FAR of the HSCA ARP and TOD guidelines. In addition to the required community consultation on the rezoning, Jennifer hosted a Laneway Roundtable Discussion at the request of the ward Councilor to engage the community in addressing concerns about the busy commercial-residential laneway.

76 unit DC Rezoning Approved in Sunnyside

2nd  Avenue NW Project in Sunnyside

LOC application for re-designation of parcel to a DC designation. Lead all public engagement for rezoning, applicant for Land Use, DP was appealed at SDAB. The five parcels maintain the approved rezoning and value lift.

Land Swap – Canterra Custom Homes

Confederation area, a land swap with City of Calgary swapping a closed residential laneway for a road setback allowance.

M-U1 Rezoning on 1 Lot

Approved rezoning of R-C1 heritage home to M-U1 for commercial use by Bombay Beauty Loft in West Hillhurst.

This LOC was approved quickly and allowed the reuse of a war-time heritage home for a commercial use (while allowing a residential use if required without rezoning).

Change of Use, Medical with a 90% Parking Relaxation on 10 Street NW

With the support and assistance of many Departments at the City of Calgary this application was approved for a substantial parking relaxation allowing a new use in the Kensington area.  A further DP application was approved for the additional of an elevator to the building.

City of Calgary – MainStreets Review Report 

Commissioned by CBRE broker for a review of the City’s early MainStreets program and potential implications for which areas they would target for land purchases. Determined the top selected zone that became the initial MainStreet programs targets accurately.
Read the report.

10A Street / Starbucks Patio project design & implementation

Designed this public realm amenity in Kensington addressing a raised curb by creating a patio with custom designed bench & chair forms and colourful bistro-style patio & umbrella sets. City of Calgary application for patio, land lease negotiation, design custom furniture and patio layout (Sketch-up), project and materials management through to build-out completion.

As part of the project the light control box was painted by Jennifer Dobbin as a TARDIS, featuring major themes from Doctor Who. You can read a little more about this project in the article by Mike’s Bloggity Blog.