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The Artist

I am an Alberta born artist and designer living in Calgary, Alberta.
I am a life-long artist with public and private art installations throughout Calgary. I am available for commissions for modern art in custom colours for you home, office or show-home/staging work.

I have recently returned to art to make a practice of it focusing on acrylic on canvas flow painting, mixed-medium modern art and most recently, digital art. My favorite inspirations include water and the human form.

Much of my art focuses on flow painting, thrown paint and metallic foil applications, although I do dabble in sculpture, model making and oil painting.

Please feel free to contact me directly to purchase any of my available pieces in the gallery below of to request a commission consultation.

“Cosmic Vessel” – Art Installation

Cosmic Vessel was the ‘temple’ art installation for Alberta’s Burning Man provincial event in 2019. The installation was envisioned in response to the 2019 event theme “Galactic Dream”.

I created this large-scale art installation including design, 3D model, scale model, testing, and build-management of this project. At the end of the event the entire structure was burned to the ground and all debris were removed in keeping with Burning Man’s ‘leave no trace’ principle.

Further images are available in a Facebook album here:
Cosmic Vessel

Public Art

Over the years I have had the priviledge and opportunity to do many small public art installations in Kensington.

These pieces, along with over 30 total public art installations, are featured on Kensingotn’s Art Walk Map and on the Kensington website art page.

Tiger in the Lilies (Utility Box)

This utility junction box was painting in 1997 by local artist Jennifer Dobbin using oil paints. The subject is the official animal and plant of India, inspired by the now-closed East Indian restaurant located in the building (now a Tim Hortons).

Visit Kensington’s page for this installation. 

Dr. Who? (Traffic Control Box)

This utility box is painted with villans and the TARDIS (time travelling phone booth) from the long-running British TV show Doctor Who.  

Visit Kensington’s page for this installation.

Koi Pond (Piano Panels)

These panels were salvaged after a hail storm destroyed the working ‘public piano’ painted during Kensington’s Beach in the City event in 2015. The panels are now installed on the exterior West wall of the Higher Ground building at 1126 Kensington Road NW. 

Visit Kensington’s page for this installation.