Land Planning Services & Development Management

Providing full land and development consulting services
to Alberta developers and landowners.

group of people looking at landscape and architectural drawings

Planning Applications

  • Re-zoning (LOC)
  • Development permit (DP)
  • Neighborhood Plans
  • Site & Servicing Plans (Greenfield)
  • Change of Use (DP)
  • Building permits (BP)
  • Heritage loss offset
  • Land swap / City lands
  • Appeals (SDAB)
    two pages of infographics on proposed building used for public engagement

    Public Engagement

    • Engagement plans
    • Flyers and infographics
    • Open houses
    • Online engagement websites
    • Direct mail design and management


    • Public space projects 
    • City negotiations & permits
    • Public art installations
    artists drawing of streetscape in Kensington Sunnyside calgary

    Development Management

    • Project planning and scheduling
    • Design policy alignment
    • Multi-project coordination
    • Contractor management
    • Site visits
    • Documentation and compliance
    • Quality control and materials confirmations

    Dobbin Consulting offers responsive, collaborative, well documented engagement for development projects that align with the requirements your municipality. In our engagement work we strive to be approachable, professional, and friendly throughout.

    Our Methodologies Matrix explains the steps in land planning and applications including: Research, Strategy & Planning, Pre-Application Engagment & Municipal Meetings, Application, and Wind-up.  (We note that this copy of the Methodlogies Matrix is specific to the municipality of the City of Calgary.)

    City of Calgary Land Planning
    Application Process

    In the City of Calgary, the process to redevelop a parcel of land may begin with a Land Use Application (LOC) and then proceed to a Development Permit (DP). 

    Learn about the planning process in this animated video created by Jennifer Dobbin.

    Access teaching materials and transcripts here.