Land Planning & Public Engagement

Dobbin Consulting Inc. provides full land and development consulting services to Calgary developers and landowners.

With over a two decades of homebuilder and commercial building application and construction management, Jennifer Dobbin has a proven track record of approvals and successful negotiations.

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Planning Applications

  • Re-zoning (LOC)
  • Development permit (DP)
  • Change of Use (DP)
  • Building permits (BP)
  • Heritage loss offset
  • Land swap / City lands
    two pages of infographics on proposed building used for public engagement

    Public Engagement

    • Engagement plans
    • Flyers and infographics
    • Open houses
    • Online engagement websites
    • Direct mail design and management
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    Development Management

    • Project planning and scheduling
    • Contractor management
    • Administrative coordination
    • Site visits
    • Documentation and compliance
    • Quality control and materials confirmations

    Our Planning Consultant:

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    View Jennifer’s Development Resume:

    Jennifer Dobbin
    Development Consultant

    Jennifer has a real talent for distilling complex planning issues down to human-level communications and interactions.

    With over 2 decades of experience in home-building (operating as Jen Mar Homes Ltd.) and commercial land planning (as Dobbin Consulting Inc.), her many successes reflect her depth of experience in the industry both in planning and on-site execution and construction managment.

    Below you will find published articles and a guide to the City of Calgary planning process developed by Jennifer:

    “I always have difficulty describing myself, because the sort of things that I do are unlikely enough that putting them together is credibility reducing.”

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    Project Portfolio

    Jennifer has completed many successful applications to the City of Calgary for LOC, DP and BP permits as well as negotiations for land sales and heritage loss offset agreements. See her previous project here: Project portfolio

    City of Calgary Land Planning
    Application Process

    In the City of Calgary, the process to redevelop a parcel of land may begin with a Land Use Application (LOC) and then proceed to a Development Permit (DP). Not all development requires an LOC application though.

    Learn about the process in this animated video created by Jennifer Dobbin.

    Access teaching materials and transcripts here.