257 22 Avenue NW

Land Use & Development Permits

to allow for a multi-family development in the community of Tuxedo

Redesignation: LOC2022-0168
Development permit: (TBD)

Project Details:
Current Zoning: R-C2
Proposed Zoning: R-CG, up to 8-units

50’ x 120’ Lot – This development is on a flat, NW corner-lot backing onto a lane. The adjacent building is a 2 storey single house.

Site contains a single two storey building, built in 1912 and a single car garage. Generally aged, but livable condition. Unit is occupied, please do not disturb the residents.

R-CG Residential – Grade-Oriented Infill (proposed zoning):

4 Primary Units with separate garage
+ up to 4 Secondary Basement suites

  • Maximum 60% land coverage
  • Contextual front set-back
  • Controlled rear and side setbacks
  • Max height 11m (3 storeys)
  • Parking:
    1:1 for primary units
    0:0 for secondary suites that meet certain conditions

Full bylaw for R-CG is available here.

Policy Information

The submitted development permit application seeks to utilize the R-CG redesignation application LOC2022-0168 for a low-residential density zoning increase from the existing structure to include 8 units on the site (4 units + 4 secondary suites).

The main units meet the ‘missing middle’ housing needs for smaller multi-family housing options. Further, the secondary suites improve the affordability of the main units by providing rental income to the owners of the main units while providing affordable housing options for renters by incorporating small, affordable units for the local rental inventory.



Mainstreet Policies & Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Although not within the 600m circumference distance from the new Green-Line LRT, this property is located between two identified Main Streets and two transit stations and significant redevelopment in the area surrounding the new LRT Green-line is anticipated and intended.

This development aligns well with the intended density increases that surround and support TOD and Urban Main Street areas. (See map to the right for site location.)

Local Area Plan

Within the North Hill Communities LAP, this site is identified within the Neighbourhood Local typography area and the Limited building scale area (up to 3 storeys). Design should consider the local built form context, be oriented towards the street; consider shadowing impacts on neighbouring properties; and provide access to off-street parking from the lane.

The Design (Development Permit)

The four main-units comprize the main floor and second floor with entrances seperate from the basement secondary suites for a total of 8-units. Each unit has patio space dedicated for the unit.

This design provides increased density and affordable housing options in this Established Area, meeting the Municipal Development Plan targets for inner-city density increases.

Contemporary finishes reflect commonly used materials in the area with a light color palette to reduce the visual weight of the development. Although not shown in the renderings, 7 new decidious trees will be planted during development.

Floorplans & Elevations
Click the title above to open a PDF of the floorplans and elevations.

Click site plan image above to open a PDF.

Engagement Timeline

This project is identified as a 1A = Direct Approach level of application for engagement purposes as defined in the Community Outreach Assessment Tool (City of Calgary). Accordingly, 2-3 engagement tactics are required. The applicant will utilize four engagement tactics as follows:

Tactic Application
Print Materials A direct mailout was prepared and mailed to residents in a 0.5-block radius of the project (40 addresses).
Website Engage257.com provides materials and updates on the applications as they progress.
Email Feedback Email for contact provided on print materials and website for feedback. Recieved emails forwarded to file manager for inclusion in Calgary Planning Commission and Public Hearing materials.
Advertisements On-site signage provided contact information for City file manager to collect feedback.

What We Heard

Feedback from neighbours during the Redesignation application indicated concerns about height, shadowing, privacy, density, community character, heritage preservation, parking, and traffic impact. 

This development design addresses neighbour concerns in the following ways:

Height & Shadowing

The 3-storey height of the project aligns with redevelopments in the area and prescribed setbacks to improve contextual integration and are abided by in this design and do not request relaxations. The pitched roof and dormer extension, common to traditional Tudor-styling reflects common architectural rooflines in the area and helps delineate the individual units. The detached, single-storey garage allows southern sunlight penetration into the Eastern neighbouring yards in the afternoon and evening.


The redesignation this development to R-CG keeps the land within a low-density designation as indicated within the Bylaw as appropriate for Established Area redevelopment. The utilization of secondary suites responds to the Municipal Development Plan intention to provide affordable housing through alternative unit types. Higher density developments are encouraged as the City seeks to increase density in Established Areas to absorb and encourage growth within the City to balance greenfield development. Achieving increased density and improved efficiency in the Established Areas requires many build forms including row-house designs with secondary suites.

This development represents the Missing Middle style of housing that the City is encouraging in established areas to provide housing options and increase population in Established Areas. Missing middle housing encompasses a range of small to moderate scale developments that provide homes in buildings typically between 2 – 4 storeys with two or more units. These built forms integrate well within a neighbourhood and offer additional opportunities to single-detached homes, allowing more people of different demographics and needs, at different ranges of affordability and stages of life, to move into, or remain living in, a neighbourhood.


The smaller, higher windows on the upper floors on the East elevation reduce overlooking and the 6’ privacy fence on the shared East property line provide privacy for the new courtyards and the Eastern neighbour’s back yard. Further, the occupied areas of the courtyards are at grade, improving privacy for the residents and neighbours alike. Two large deciduous trees in the East neighbour’s provide additional privacy in the warmer seasons when the courtyards will be most utilized.

Community Character and Heritage

Traditional community elements are reflected in the design of a pitched roof, dormers, unit cadence, vertical and horizontal siding and stucco seen throughout the area. The existing 1912 building is not heritage designated, nor is the building heritage representative having undergone large extensions and renovations (as recently as within the last five years).

Parking & Traffic

On-street parking is available on two sides of the parcel and parking requirements as detailed in the Land Use Bylaw amendment PIC2022-0989 are met (coming into force January 2, 2023). This amendment reduces the minimum parking requirement for R-CG zoning to 0.5 stalls per unit and suite. With 4 units and 4 suites, this application would require 4 stalls under the amended bylaw and this requirement is met with 4 stalls in the garage. Laneway access to the garage allows forward-oriented street access for those vehicles entering the roadway. The impact of vehicles for the new residents is minimal and alternative transportation modalities are improved by close access to public transit and local (walkable/ridable) services in the area.


We would like to hear from you! If you have concerns or feedback on this project, please use this form to submit your feedback. We will include all feedback content in our Outreach Report to the City of Calgary for this application.

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Your Feedback

We remain open to feedback throughout the DP process and will provide your concerns and comments to the file manager, or you may contact them directly.

The Applicant

Dobbin Consulting Inc.

City of Calgary
File references:
Rezoning: LOC2022-0168
Development permit: (TBD)

Chad Peters, Community Planning
chad.peters@calgary.ca | calgary.ca