Design & Communications

Dobbin Consulting provides full design services for our clients.

Whether you want a custom Divi template to manage your WordPress website content, a full website re-deisng or just ongoing maintenance, we’re here to help!

We will assist your business in applying your brand consistently both in print and digital formats.


Marketing Materials

  • Corporate identity & branding
  • Printed & promotional materials
  • Marketing and media campaigns
  • Social media content creation, training and management
  • Video and animation services

Websites & SEO

  • Website design, including eCommerce 
  • WordPress and Divi support
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media channel set-up and content creation


  • Promotional Materials and Specialty Advertising including give-away items, embroidery, silk screening, laser engraving, digital printing
  • Booth design and layout
  • Signage and pop-up displays

Graphic Design Portfolio:


Full site redesign in WordPress on Divi, the KensingtonYYC website was expanded and reorganized with a 250 page sub-directory site integrated as a Listify membership directory. 

3d Renderings & Designs

Working in Sketchup, I can help you explore your ideas and designs to create compelling graphics for your publications and engagement materials.

Canva Templates

Love Canva but feel stuck with the
pre-made designs? I can help! With a customized template you can re-use, you’re not stuck with the Canva default materials but you have full control over your content. (Click to view)


Using Adobe Animate and ProCreate I can create custom content and graphics for your website or video. This sample animation for Kensington was a sample piece I developed for my portfolio.

UI Design & UX Development

UI and UX design and testing for Sycl, a women’s hormone tracking and information app (click image to enlarge).

Process Documentation

Process documentation can provide users with insight and clarity when navigating complex systems. 


Explain important information with a visual representation of your data. An image really is worth 1,000 words. 

Logo & Corporate ID

Public Engagement Samples

Graphic design, research and analytical skills are need to present complex arguments and issues at public engagements. The following are samples of a few materials generated over the years for land planning public engagement.

Click the image below to open a PDF of the sample materials. All analysis, data and graphics developed by Dobbin Consulting.

Development Metrics & Alignment Handout

The Challenge:

Communicate the important aspects of the land rezoning information to the Community Association and the public on a re-zoning only application that did not have a development permit or drawings available for discussion.

Developed a communication “placemat” handout for multiple engagements focusing on the demographics and suitability of the property for redevelopment to multi-family housing.

Project: Memorial Drive NW, resulted in 96 unit developmen by Anthem Properties in 2010.

Click image above to open PDF of the developed materials. All analysis, data and graphics developed by Jennifer Dobbin.

Heritage Building Ratio Infographic

The Challenge:

Present a clear argument for ‘swap’ of heritage loss on 13 heritage homes to be removed by a re-zoning application for 2 commercial heritage buildings sperately owned by the applicant.

Selected sample size, researched and documented all heritage buildings within sample set, distilate and present the data to argue the case for the heritage preservation swap.

Project: Memorial Drive NW, resulted the City of Calgary’s first heritage loss off-set agreement trading the heritage loss of 13 turn-of-the-century homes for the Muncipal Heritage Designation of two commercial properties in Kensington.

timeline graphic of public engagement for memorial drive rezoning in calgary

Engagement &
Development Timeline

The Challenge:

Summarize and align a rezoning application and Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Association Multi-Stakeholder Task Force participation timelines to show engagement and responsiveness to for the City of Calgary Public Hearing on the re-zoning and heritage loss offset trade agreement for the property.

Project: Memorial Drive NW, resulted in 96 unit developmen by Anthem Properties in 2010.

Click image above to open PDF of the developed materials. All analysis, data and graphics developed by Jennifer Dobbin.