704 - 33 Street NW

Concurrent Land Use Redesignation &
Development Permit Applications

to allow for a multi-family townhome development
in the Community of Parkdale

Land Use Redesignation Application for R-CG
Current Zoning: R-C2 Residential – Contextual One/Two Dwelling
Proposed Zoning: R-CG – Residential – Low Density Mixed Housing

About the Site:
The parcel is a flat, 50’ x 120’ NW corner-lot backing with a rear lane. The site currently has a two-storey home built in 1956 with a basement suite and a single car garage.

The surrounding context of the site includes single family homes and townhomes. The zoning context is R-C2 to the NW and North, a school to the SE, and and M-C1 Multi-Residential – Contextual Low Profile zoning area immediately to the south across 5 Ave NW.

Proposed Zoning: R-CG Residential – Grade-Oriented Infill:

  • Density: 4 Dwellings + 4 Secondary Suites
  • Maximum 60% land coverage
  • Contextual front set-back
  • Controlled rear and side setbacks
  • Max height 11m (3 storeys)


  • 0.625 stalls per dwelling unit
  • No parking stalls required for secondary suites
  • 4 stalls will be provided within the garage, plus interior bicycle storage units on the site
  • No visitor parking is required.

Full bylaw details for the R-CG district are available here.

New Housing Opportunities

New infill multi-family homes provide a variety of housing types and styles. Secondary suites provide affordable rental
opportunities in Established Areas and provide secondary income to the primary unit owners. “Providing more housing
diversity in Calgary means more opportunities for everyone to
and a place that they can call home.” – Calgary.ca

The Development

Development Drawings

To view the drawings for the Development Permit application, click on this link to open a PDF:


These applications are being made concurrently. Land Use Redesignations take 4-6 months, and Development Permits take 3-4 months for approval. The Development Permit approval will be conditional to the Land Use approval (the DP is not approved unless and until Land Use is approved).

City of Calgary Resources

Learn more about City of Calgary policies on housing and
R-CG zoning through these links:

Public Engagement

This application is estimated to be a “1A” engagement rating on the Outreach Assessment Matrix from the City of Calgary requiring 2-3 outreach tools.

This application is utilizing four Outreach Tools & Tactics are being used:


    • Website for online engagement – Engage704.ca
    • Email feedback form (below)
    • Direct contact email and phone provided (bottom of page)
    • Direct mailing of printed materials (30+ neighbour parcels highlighted on the map to the left)

What We Heard (Engagement Feedback)

Several letters were provided directly to the Applicant, and many more were sent in to the file manager for these applications. The concerns listed in the DTR1 report are addressed below:


Increased Density

Redevelopment plays an important role in City management and sustainability. Increasing the density and type of housing opportunities in Calgary’s Established Areas helps the City meet growth targets within the Municipal Development Plan. Missing-middle sized townhome units with  rentable, small-scale secondary suites improves housing choices in the area.

For further information on housing targets and City policies on housing, read Why Housing Matters on the City of Calgary website.

Impact on Traffic

Citizen compliance with residential speed limits, school zones, school bus signalization, and traffic laws is mandatory. Owners and tenants of the new building must comply with all bylaws and laws.

On-street Parking

The City of Calgary has recently changed the parking requirement for multi-family zoning to 0.5 stalls per dwelling. Information on the City’s parking requirements and rationale area available here: Calgary Parking Policies.

On-street parking reviews at the site indicate approximately 50% available capacity during the evening and more during daytime hours. Additionally, multi-modal transporation is proximate including the Bowriver Pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, and the nearby Bowness Route 1 bus.

Impact on Traffic

Citizen compliance with residential speed limits, school zones, school bus signalization, and traffic laws is mandatory. Owners and tenants of the new building must comply with all bylaws and laws.

Rear Lane Congestion from Garbage Bins

Garbage bin storage within the lot and building design is a requirement of the City of Calgary. Bins will be stored out of the alley and moved to the alley for collection days.

Height, Massing, and Shadowing

R-CG height, massing, setbacks and chamfers are designed to create contextually sensitive buildings that minimize shadowing for low-density residential streetscapes. The development is designed to meet the bylaw requirements for R-CG.

Rear Lane Congestion from Garbage Bins

Garbage bin storage within the lot and building design is a requirement of the City of Calgary. Bins will be stored out of the alley and moved to the alley for collection days.

Negative Impact on Property Values

Studies consistently show that redevelopment in established urban residential areas increases the value of surrounding homes and lots

Loss of Mature Trees and Green Space

The existing residential lot 8 trees of varying sizes and heights. Four of these trees are to be retained, and the rest will be replaced. For a tree schedule, see the DMap provided DP plans here.

The new development will remove these trees and plant 5 new trees (4 columnar aspen, 1 Toba/Snowbird Hawthorn) and a minimum of 15 shrubs. The project meets the landscaping requirements for R-CG including 40% landscape coverage for the lat.

Privacy Concerns

Fencing and setbacks from neighbouring parcel are used to improve privacy.

Negative impact on existing neighbourhood character

The design of the new building provides fenistration and material use to mimic the  cadence of small-lot size residential units and front doors provide immediate access and addressing to 33 Street. 

“Spot” Zoning 

Without a Local Area Plan (LAP) for the area, spot zoning, in alignment with Municipal Development Plan, and Guidebook for Local Area Plan policies are utilized to determine appropriate redesignation targets for any lot of land. R-CG is a low-density zoning and is appropriate for the Neighbourhood Local areas of Established Areas.

Recent Council approval of the Calgary Housing Strategy indicates that R-CG is to be included in a new minimum base zoning for all residential zoning areas for the City. More information on this change is available through this link: Calgary Housing Strategy.

Over-load of aging infrastructure

Redevelopment increases density, increasing the total tax base that is used for repairs and replacement of aging infrastructure. Established Areas in the City of Calgary have been experiencing population decline for some time now. New multi-family developments bolster populations and provide attractive, affordable options for renters. 

Impact of construction on sidewalk and roadways

The corner lot location of this development allows many access points and unless a hoarding permit is sought and secured, no materials may be stored on boulevards or roadways and sidewalks may not be closed.

Lack of public engagement

Adequate engagement has been provided and meets the City of Calgary Outreach Toolkit requirements as demonstrated by the many response letters received. As an R-CG is a low-density designation appropriate for established areas of Calgary four of the Outreach Toolkit Techniques have been utilized for engagement. And open house is not a requirement of engagement for a low-density residential development, and the public hearing at Council allows the general public to participate directly on the application.

Rental units as a revenue source

The construction of secondary suites in the basements of the townhouse units provides an income revenue for land owners to help address economic challenges and provides affordable housing opportunities for renters.


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Your Feedback

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The Applicant

Dobbin Consulting Inc.

City of Calgary

Felix Ochieng, RPP, MCIP
Planner 2, Community Planning – North

File:  LOC2023-0211